Frequently Asked Questions


What is Briefer?

Briefer is a new way to communicate. It allows you to share random moments with your buddies in a short 5-word messages called “Briefs”

You can also Brief with less than 5 words. Just remember that 5 words is the limit.

Each word can contain up to a 10 character limit.

Photos, filters, effects and much more can be added to your Brief.


How to send Briefs ?

It’s very simple:

1-Type your Brief

2-Choose your picture and add filters

3-Choose to whom you want to send your Brief

4-Brief it 😀


Do I need an account to use Briefer?

Yes. Since we are a community based app, we ask that you create an account with us. After doing so, you’ll be able to join our community in viewing and sharing Briefs.


Which kinds of devices are supported?

Briefer supports only Android phones that meet the following requirements:

  • Your Android phone is running Android 4.1 or later.
  • Your Android phone is able to receive SMS during the verification process.

We do not support tablets.


How can I add my buddies ?

Just search for buddies with their nickname and send them a request !


Can I block someone?

Yes! Visit settings / Account / Blocked list and choose the contact you want to block.

When you block people on Briefer, you will no longer receive Briefs  from them.


Can I change my profile photo?

Yes! Visit Settings / My profile.


Are my Briefs public?

No! When you want to Brief , you can select specific individuals to receive your brief and only those people you will choose can see your Brief in their Briefs wall.

Remember that you can block contacts if you want.


How can I report a Brief?

If you find a Brief that violates our community guidelines, you can report it by sending us an email support@briefer.co