Here we Go! Let’s Brief Guys!

Here we Go! Let’s Brief Guys!

Briefer has been online since August 27th, 2016. We were super thrilled when Briefer was published on Google Play.

The concept is very simple.  Briefer lets you share lets you share special moments with your friends in 5-word messages called “Briefs.”

Briefer introduces a cool, simple and efficient way to communicate.

We are convinced that a few words can have more of an impact than sentences. Guided by the principle that less is more, we express ourselves, and stay connected without the extra mumble jumble.

A holiday in Miami needs just a few words: Brief #Miami #Holidays #Sun #love #Friends with a nice Selfie with your friends.

 It’s fast, it’s easy.

Briefer App


Users are also enabled to select specific individuals to receive their briefs. (That way your mom is not privy to that weekend in Miami Brief! :D)

To get a better sense of how people see Briefer, and what we could do to make it better, we shared the app with a few friends and family. These early users really enjoyed sending and receiving Briefs. They claimed that Briefing is a mix of fun, simplicity and creativity.

The Briefer Team promises to provide you with the best user experience. We love Briefer, we use it every day to share our best moments with people we love, and we are very excited about its future.

This is the first version of Briefer. If you encounter a problem, do not hesitate to communicate with us:

Stay tuned for some truly innovative stuff!


With Love – Briefer Team